Sunday, 9 May 2010

It takes two baby... make a wish come true! So say the words of the Tina Turner song and how right they are.

Never did I know I had this desire to be part of the special club of twin mummies; my perfect little plan in my head was to have two children, a boy first to grow up strong and handsome, to be the big brother and then to have a little single princess to dote on her big brother and to be the baby of the family who was just a bit spolit. That was always the known desire of my heart but secretly somewhere there was lurking this longing for two babies. I realise this now as about a year after trying for my second baby and having no success I was staying at my Mum and Dad's for the weekend and I had a dream that dh and I would have three children but only two pregnancies. I also remember the name Samuel Noah being really special to me. When dh joined me there I told him all about this and we thought nothing of the three babies thing, until a year later when it was revealed at the early 6 week scan that yes I was carrying twins.

Somewhere along the line I have been turned into an avid lover of twins. Two little babies together just melts my heart and makes me think of my babes when they were small all curled up together. Now I am not saying that one babe is also not special, as of course I have my JJ and he is perfection in a single package (to me). There are just some things that us twins mums get to experience that are really different to having a singleton baby and having been there and done both I feel priviledged to have seen both sides of the coin.


Of course part of parenting twins is extremely hard, how do you physically carry two babes when you become so large? and the logistics of trying to get two screaming, colicky babies fed at the same time in the middle of the night, on your own - just do not ask!

But some things just make it all worth it. Some times are only achieveable with two - It takes two baby! the song got it right! So here is a quick trip down memory lane, of why two floats my boat!

Tiny babies cuddling up to each other, just like in the womb


Play fighting and hugging at just a few months old


Not having to be scared on the funfair rides, as you always have a best friend with you


Having someone to ride your bike with


Never being short of a playmate for the other end of a see-saw


and just think what the future will hold - someone to hold your hand on your first day at school, someone to cry to when your first boyfriend dumps you, someone to share clothes with, an instant bridesmaid and much, much more. I will try to ensure that my girls grow up knowing just how very lucky they are.

People used to stop me in the street and say 'Here comes double trouble' and I always replied 'No, double the joy' and I stand by that now. As a mummy of twins I get to experience everything that a singleton mum does but I get mine in stereo, when one takes her first step the other does too just a few weeks later. No time to be dissapointed that one stage is over as I get to experience it all again and then we are straight onto the next one.

Any other twin mummies out there reading? share with me your best twinnie moments, I love to hear your stories. Leave me a comment.

This post has been written in reponse to the call for posts for the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival being held on Tuesday at A Place of my Own. We were directed to have a song title as our post title. I bet you can not guess what mine is!!!

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