Thursday, 27 May 2010

Introducing.....My Guest Blogger for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me as I am swapping blogs with a fellow Mummy blogger for the day. Kerry from and then all I thought about was you will be posting here and I will be posting at her blog.

Come along and read! Please leave Kerry a comment and show her some blogger love...

This is what Kerry has to say about herself -

Kerry is 29 years old and mum to her 19 month old little boy. She is the other half of Mr L and has Tito their three year old Beagle. She works from home as an Avon rep, and Baba goes to Nannies 2 days a week so she can work. She would love to be a writer and is currently studying from home, completing a Creative Writing Course.

Kerry has been blogging since January 2010 and loving every minute of it. Her blog is pretty open in it’s content, although her main subject is parenting, family and things she is learning along the road as a Mummy. As well as this Guest Blog Day event, she takes part in the writing workshop, and The Gallery each week, she is also taking part in the Creative Writing course and has recently won her ticket to Cybermummy. Which she is very excited about!
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